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This product is the WORLD'S FIRST Carbide Indexable End Mill that ... can cut at ANY ANGLE! For use in C.N.C. machines. It is an extremely versitile MILLING tool ! The tool can take other inserts, but not recommended.

There are three relief angles on the insert holder of the tool, all three angles being different from one another and two of which are compound angles. These angles were machined using three Millanyangle 2000 tools, only one load time and one simple set-up with part parellel to machine table. By using three of these tools we were able to eliminate two complex set-ups and two times of loading and unloading of the part.

  • The Millanyangle 2000 can rotate 0-90 degrees in a downward radial direction and 20 degrees in an upward radial direction, in increments of every one degree.
  • The angle of the tool can be changed without having to remove the tool from the machine and the insert can be replaced or indexed without affecting the set angle of the tool.
  • With most tools you can make use of only one side of the insert at a time. With the Millanyangle 2000 you can cut with more than one side of the insert in a single application without having to change anything.
    The Millanyangle 2000 saves time by:
  • Eliminating complex set-ups (using sine bar, angling the vice, part, or machine head)
  • Eliminating tool change time (one tool can perform multiple operations)
  • Reducing the amount of times a part has to be loaded and unloaded into the machine
  • Eliminating extra tools machining time
    The Millanyangle 2000 saves you money by:
  • It replaces at least a dozen other tools, which can be extremely expensive
  • Saves cost of having special angled cutter made
    The Millanyangle 2000 saves space:
  • Many mold makers have cabinets full of all different angled cutters
  • The Millanyangle 2000 takes up about 1 & 1/2" x 1 & 1/2" x 4 & 1/2" of space
    With the Millanyangle 2000 you can:
  • Face Mill
  • Counter bore the bottom of holes
  • Mill tapered pockets
  • Chamfer the top and the bottom of the part with only one load and one tool
  • Mill compound angles without part, vice, machine or fixture.
The tool is made from high quality material, heat treated and black oxide coated for rust prevention. Click here to view the Millanyangle applications.